Shark Week Inspired Nail Art

So, it's Shark Week.  EVERYONE is posting Shark Week nails right now.  Little cutesy cartoon sharks on their nails.  Not my thing.

BUT, I wanted to participate and try out some untried polishes from my stash - so I came up with my own version of Shark Week nail art!  Follow the jump for more pictures and polish deets!

To create this look, I first painted a base of Bonita "Dying to Party" which I received as a prize from a fun giveaway hosted by @polishedbybeckie on IG. This light grey has a super fine silver glitter in it that gives it just a little bit of sparkle.  This base represents "shark skin."  

Then I created a glitter gradient on top of my base using Loaded Lacquer "Wasabi with you?" by dabbing on a light coat halfway down my nail.  Then I used a piece of cosmetic sponge dipped in the glitter polish to thicken the gradient (without adding too much polish!) The sponge soaks up the clear base while allowing you to add more glitter.  I thought this glitter was reminiscent of seaweed, which grows in the ocean.  Where the sharks live.  Get it?  Okay, good. 

After a day of wearing this, I added a matte top coat because matte glitter looks really cool!

So that is my Shark Week inspired mani.  Even if I don't have little sharkies on my nails - I think I represented them well through color!  We're not even watching shark week this year, since we don't have cable anymore.  Actually, I'm not sure I ever really watched shark week, ever.  So - there ya go.  Thanks for stopping by!

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