Music Monday Series

Hey guys!

So I'm starting a new series called Music Monday.  For the next few weeks, I'll be posting nail art that is related to my favorite band: Paramore.

I've been listening to Paramore for 7 years now and I seriously love their music.  Every album they put out has been a little bit different - I know some fans don't like when artists change their sound, but  I think their progression through the years just shows how they have matured as people and as musicians.   I'm so happy with their recent success, they totally deserve it with everything they have been through!

This week's nail art is from their very first album All We Know is Falling.

Click Read More to see more pictures and to find out how I achieved this look!

To achieve this look, I first did a gradient base using a sponge with Essie Naughty Nautical, Where's My Chauffeur?, and Mint Candy Apple over Blanc.  Then I used acrylic paints and a small paint brush from Michael's to create the album art.  

While this isn't something I would normally wear out of the house, it is fun to push myself to try more difficult techniques.  

What's your favorite band? Would you ever attempt album nail art?

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