About Me

Hi!  I'm Danele and I love all things nail polish, possibly on the border of being obsessed.  I've loved painting my nails since I was a little girl (no joke! someone made fun of me in 5th grade for filing my nails) but my obsession grew about 4 years ago when I discovered a place called Makeup Alley.

I frequently visited Makeup Alley and discovered the Nail Care board which turned out to be the mecca for all polish lovers.  The community on this forum quickly sucked me into nail polish collecting with a side of tasteful nail art.

After taking an extended break from painting during my engagement & wedding, I rediscovered my love for nail polish in November of 2013 on Instagram.  I have met some amazing people with serious talent when it comes to nail art.  I am inspired every day by our community throughout the blogosphere and Instagram.

Other Hobbies I Enjoy Are:

Spending time with my amazing Husband, Matt
Cooking & Baking
Craft Beer
Eating - yes this is a hobby
Reading - Harry Potter & Game of Thrones are my favorite series

You can follow my personal instagram account @daneleheartsfood to see what I'm drinking & eating!

***Nutmeg crossed the rainbow bridge in early December, 2014.  We miss her very, very much but are so happy we could give her a good life for 5 years!

I am so grateful for my relationship with Nail It! Magazine.  They featured my nail art in three of their issues in 2014.  They also asked me to create a tutorial for their website on my candy dots nail art.  Thank you to everyone at Nail It!

July/August Issue

Online Tutorial for my Candy Dots Nail art

September/October Issue

November/December Issue

Have any questions or business inquiries?  You can email me at lowcountrylacquer@gmail.com.

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