Gray Jelly Sandwich + Metallics

I recently did this super easy nail art. It required no tape, no dotting tools, and no paint brushes.  See - super easy!

Sometimes life gets busy, sometimes I get burnt out.  Sometimes I just don't feel like painting my nails.  *GASP* Yes, it's true.  Sometimes I just don't feel like painting my nails at all.  When I get into these funks, I find some polishes I haven't used in a while and I do something really easy.

Alas, from my funk I give you a gray jelly sandwich + metallics.

Click Read More to see more pictures and how I achieved this look!

oooooh bling bling!

If you don't already know, a jelly sandwich is when you layer a glitter polish between layers of a "jelly" or sheer polish.  I used OPI My Pointe Exactly and Pirouette My Whistle to create the jelly sandwich.  The other polish is OPI Push & Shove - a super reflective silver polish from the Gwen Stefani collection.  

So if you're ever in a funk or don't have a lot of time for fancy nail art, try a jelly sandwich or an easy mix & match mani like this to create nail art that is quick & easy!

What is your go to technique when you're pressed for time or don't feel like painting your nails?

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