Neon + Tribal Print

Quick, grab your sunglasses!

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy is one of the brightest neons I own and I absolutely LOVE it.  I pulled it out of the vault recently to give it some love, and also to try out some hand drawn tribal print.  I think neons + tribal print go perfect together.

Neons are seriously impossible to photograph.  Seriously.  So while I could have taken much better photographs under my lamp, it would have taken away from the color accuracy of this beauty.  So try to ignore the crap quality and just focus on how amazingly bright this polish is.

Loaded Lacquer Rubbernecker

I'm sure by now, you all have heard of Loaded Lacquer.  When I first heard of this Indie Polish line, Heather had just recently opened her shop and her following was fairly small, comparatively.   Her fan base has grown exponentially this year and now everyone is patiently waiting for her restock announcements!

While my collection is lacking in many indie collections, Loaded Lacquer is definitely my absolute favorite!  Heather creates some of the most unique polishes which are seriously "loaded" with glitter.  She also has her own line of jelly polishes, The Jiggles, which are perfect for layering with her awesome glitters.   If you need anymore convincing, go check out her website and look at all the gorgeous swatches!

This is one of those polishes that is good enough to be worn alone.  I also did a reverse glitter gradient accent nail for fun.

I'm Back!

Hello, World!  I have finally found my blogging mojo.  I'm in the process of revamping my blog (ya know, make it all sparkly and pretty) and once that is complete I will have lots of new posts with super amazing new nailartz! Okay, I will stop tooting my own horn. To those of you who still come by every now and then and check things out - Thank You!  See you all soon!