Loaded Lacquer: The Nude Jiggle Trio

You guys know how much I adore *Loaded Lacquer.  Heather creates some of the most unique polishes!  Loaded Lacquer is definitely my favorite indie polish line.

I recently got my hands on The Nude Jiggle Trio.  I am a sucker for all nude polishes.  When I first saw Heather was releasing these jiggles, I knew I HAD to have them.  My husband was even nice enough to order them for me since I was working during the restock.

Follow the jump for individual swatch pictures.

No Bra

First up is No Bra, an eloquently named baby pink jelly polish.  I did 4 thin coats plus top coat.  My accent nail features Coconut and No Shoes.  I also used chevron Nail Vinyls.**

No Shirt

No Shirt is a yellow toned nude jelly.  This is my perfect nude!  I love this polish so much.  This is 3 coats plus top coat.  My accent nail is one coat of Fluffy Macaroons.  

Natural Shaded Light

No Shoes

No shoes is a very light creamy grey jelly.  If you own Toasted Marshmallow, this is much lighter and more white toned.  It is very delicate!  This is 3 coats plus top coat.  My accent nail is one coat of Mintallica. 

Natural Shaded Light

*More info on Loaded Lacquer:
Website: Loaded Lacquer
Facebook: Loaded Lacquer
Twitter: @LoadedLacquer

**More info on Nail Vinyls:
Website: Nail Vinyls
Facebook: Nail Vinyls
Twitter: @nailvinyls

How do you feel about this collection?  What do you think about jelly-finish polishes?  Let me know!

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