Essie Spring & Resort 2014: My Picks, swatches, and comparisons

Essie is one of my favorite polish brands.  The square bottles. The white caps.  The name beveled into the bottle (is that the right word??).  I just love Essie.  While not all Essies are perfect, I have had really good luck with the ones I have purchased thus far.

I added three more to my growing Essie collection.  2 are from the Spring 2014 collection and one is from the Resort 2014 collection.  I may go back for a couple more from resort.  They really are gorgeous colors!   I have heard a few complaints that several of these are dupes or too similar to previously released colors.  I thought this was the case too, maybe even for some already in my collection.

Here are my picks, swatches, and comparisons.

Resort Fling

Essie describes Resort Fling as an "alluring coral peach" which I would agree.  Its both alluring, and its both coral and peach in color (depending on your definition of coral and peach).  It has a jelly like texture and application but dries as a creme.   The application was very smooth, it practically applied itself.  Swatch is 3 coats, no top coat. 

I must admit, when I first saw the promo pic for this collection, I thought this shade looked too similar to Tart Deco or Haute as Hello.  Funny enough, if you go on the Essie website and click on "Colors" Resort Fling is located between Tart Deco and Haute as Hello.  So let's say they are cousins.  I don't own Haute as Hello, so I cannot say how Resort Fling compares with that shade.  But here is my comparison of Resort Fling with Tart Deco. 

These two shades are completely different to my eyes.  They have different tones and different finishes.  Resort Fling is more of a crelly (creme-jelly) while Tart Deco is a true creme.  Resort Fling is more of an orangey-peach color while Tart Deco is more of a peachy-pink.  The above photo has no top coat, but I know for a fact my Tart Deco changes colors with top coat and becomes more orange.  Maybe I'll revisit this and see how close they look after top coat.  

Dupes: Not even close!

Fashion Playground

I would describe Fashion Playground as a mint green with glass fleck shimmer.  The shimmer is one of the main reasons I bought this polish....along with my love of minty shades.   The texture was similar to that of Resort Fling, but less smooth.  It has a crelly like texture leaning more on the creme side.  Swatch is 3 coats, no top coat. 

I bet you thought this looked really similar to Mint Candy Apple.  I totally did too!  But I knew it was different enough to justify my purchase.  Upon comparing them, I was right.

Again, the difference can be seen in the formula and the color.  Fashion Playground is a crelly with shimmer while Mint Candy Apple is a true creme.  Fashion Playground leans more on the green side of mint, while Mint Candy Apple leans more blue.  Mint Candy Apple is one of my very favorite Essies of all time.  Fashion Playground is giving MCA a run for its money.  

Dupes: No way!!!

Hide & Go Chic

I would describe Hide & Go Chic as a dusty primary blue.  It looks way more vibrant in my pictures that it does in real life.  It is a very pretty shade, unlike anything I have in my collection.  Again, the formula was very smooth and easy to apply.  I reached full opacity in 2 coats.  Swatches without top coat. 

Artificial Light

Natural Light, shaded.  Trying to capture the true color.  

Overall, I love my picks from these 2 collections.  My favorite from the 3 is Resort Fling, but I really do love them all.  Great colors, great finishes, awesome application.  I'm really impressed.  I think I need to check out a few more from these collections. 

What do you think of these collections? Which shades did you get? 

Thanks for stopping by <3
xoxo Danele

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