Loaded Lacquer: The Jiggles Collection Swatches & Review

Loaded Lacquer is an indie nail polish company owned and created by Heather.  Her shop has only been open for a few months, but she is already very successful in creating and selling her amazing handmade nail polishes.  She specializes in these amazing glitter bombs that are 'inspired by nature' however, she recently released a collection of jelly polishes called The Jiggles.  These jelly polishes were created so that we could all make awesome jelly sammiches with her glitter polish!

What's a jelly sammich?  It's when you layer a glitter polish in between layers of a jelly polish.  Jellies are sheer so you can see the glitter peaking through the layers.  It really is a cool effect!

I recently purchased 2 jellies from The Jiggles Collection.  Here are my swatches and reviews.

Toasted Marshmallow

Toasted Marshmallow is a grey jelly.  The application is smooth and goes on easily.  Swatch is 3 coats, no top coat.  I love how light and soft this color is on its own.  Its also very shiny without a topcoat!

So shiny, so squishy

Island Punch

Island punch is a bright blue jelly.  It reminds me of the blue Hawaiian Punch.  Just like Toasted Marshmallow, the application was smooth and easy to apply.  Swatch is 3 coats, no top coat.  Im sorry my yucky stains kind of show underneath :( But Im loving this bright color! I have several glitters I cant wait to layer with this!  Island Punch is also very shiny on its own. 

I haven't tried a jelly sammich yet with these, but I know once I do it will look gorgeous!  I have several Loaded Lacquer glitters that I can't wait to try it with.  I hope you will go check out Heathers store and buy some of her pretty polishes!  I don't own many indies, but hers are definitely my favorite!

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  1. Great review!! I was amazed how shiny and smooth the jiggles are without topcoat. :) Jaime (the polished butterfly)