Color Club Eternal Beauty with Galaxy Accent Nail

What a freaking gorgeous polish.  Color Club Eternal Beauty is from the 2013 Holographic Halo Hues collection.  It took me awhile to get my hands on these, but I'm so glad I did!  This might be my favorite polish of all time.  Or at least for now.  

Accent nail is galaxy-inspired nail art.  

There's something to say about a holo when you can see the rainbows inside of a lightbox.  

I'm drooling over here. 

So if you don't own any of these, you should probably buy some. now.  right now. seriously. NOW!  I ordered mine  from www.  for $7 a piece.  

What are your favorites out of all the Halo Hues? 

xoxo, Danele

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