Friends-giving nail art + Essie Style Cartel Review

Tomorrow is Friendsgiving....I mean THANKSGIVING!  It's also Friendsgiving for us too....but what is Friendsgiving, you may ask?

My husband and I are huge Friends fans.  We own the entire series on DVD and have seen it several times through (Matt has seen the entire series more times than myself but who's counting?)  For the past few years, on Thanksgiving day we have watched all of the Friends Thanksgiving episodes, which let's be honest here, the Thanksgiving episodes are some of the funniest ones (Joey, those are my maternity pants!...THESE are my Thanksgiving pants!)

In celebration of our little family tradition, I decided to recreate the Friends logo for our Friendsgiving marathon!

Follow the jump for more details on this look and a review on the base polish!

I used Essie Style Cartel as my base for this look.  Style Cartel is from the fall 2014 collection and it's absolutely amazing.  It's a gorgeous navy blue creme that goes on super smooth in 2 coats (I always do 3 out of habit).  I really dislike when a darker polish looks more black than the color it's supposed to be, but this navy is very saturated and keeps its blue hue in most lighting situations.  I adore this color so much!  

I used acrylic paints and a fine nail art brush to write the Friends logo on my nails.  I also topped this mani off with a matte top coat - I love how it looks matted!

Tomorrow is the big day and I'm super excited for all of the yummy food (we're deep frying our turkey this year!!!!!!) and all of our traditions.  Besides our Friends marathon, we also watch Home Alone and put up our tree!  I know a lot of people get huffy when it comes to anything Christmas before or during Thanksgiving but I like to think of them all together as The Holidays and they can be combined for ultimate happiness! 

Do you have any fun traditions for Thanksgiving? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. How fun!!! What a great tradition to have..!!!! Loved the design, you're so good!!!


    1. Thanks Veronica! Happy Thanksgiving!