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Happy Hump Day!

Today's post comes from one of my fabulous glitter gals: Marcella from @lovepurplepolish.  Marcella created this adorable mani inspired by a pair of workout capris!

Follow the jump to read more from Marcella and see how she created this mani!

"Hello All!!
            First and foremost, I would like to thank Danele for inviting me to be a guest on her blog…thanks girl!!  I know she is busy painting her new house (but we all know she would much rather be painting her nails…wink wink).  I originally met Danele through the Nail Board on Make Up Alley and soon after that she introduced me to Instagram.  She is such an inspiration, but more than anything she is a sweet, sweet friend.  Ok, enough mushy stuff and onto the nails lol….
            So, besides nails, another passion I have is fitness.  I often find myself searching for fun, new gym clothes.  I fell upon these adorable capris that had leopard print hearts all over them….instead of thinking oooooh cute for the gym….my first thought was MANI INSPIRATION!!  I did not have the exact same base color but I had this gorgeous untried mint green, China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer.  I just love mint and pink together.  All of the leopard print hearts were done with acrylic paint and a fine nail art brush.
            I had so much fun painting these! The leopard print was a bit of a challenge because it had to be extremely small.  I literally had to put my reading glasses on to do them lol!  But I just love how this turned out and how well the colors complement each other.  Thank you Danele so much again….and to all her followers, I hope you enjoyed my gym capri leopard print hearts inspired nails!!

<3 Marcella

Catch me on IG @lovepurplepolish"           

Marcella is such a doll!  I'm so glad I've become such good friends with her through our love of nail art.  Make sure to check out her Instagram for more amazing nails!

Check back in tomorrow for my next Guest Blogger: Alison from @alygaterrr!

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