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I'm so excited for today's post from my guest blogger Alison from @alygaterrr.

Aly is one of my glitter gals whom I met through Instagram.  She has amazing skills in stamping.  Seriously.  A M A Z I N G.  Her favorite technique is advanced stamping and she created this awesome tutorial to show everyone how she does her advanced stamping.

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Hi everyone! My name is Aly and I’m so excited to be doing this guest blog post for Danele. I don’t currently have my own blog, but I’m very active on Instagram (you can find me and other designs like this at @alygaterrr) and so many people have asked me how to do advanced stamping (decals, reverse stamping… whatever you want to call it!).  Please keep in mind that there are other ways of doing this, but this is how I do mine. It’s actually very simple once you get the right technique, and I’m going to provide a detailed tutorial in this post so that you can achieve this look!

The basics: what you need

You don’t need exactly everything that I have, but here are the products I used:
  • ·       Konad Scraper
  • ·       Squishy stamper from Fab Ur Nails (my stamper isn’t sold there anymore, but I’ve heard great things about this MoYou London stamper)
  • ·       Small detail brush
  • ·       E.L.F. concealer brush for cleanup
  • ·       Cici and Sisi plate 3, set 1
  • ·       Mundo de Unas stamping polish
  • ·       Zoya “Zuza”
  • ·       Zoya “Kimmy”
  • ·       OPI “I Just Can’t Cope-acabana”
  • ·       Seche Vite top coat
  • OPI "Put a Coat On" white base coat

Step one: pick up your stamp

I find that many people have difficulties just picking up their stamp. When I first started stamping I watched tutorials on YouTube, did some research, and practiced on paper until I found what worked for me best. Practice really is key.

Step two: fill in your stamp

Use your polish and detail brush to fill in the image. Basically it’s just like a coloring book- I try to stay inside the lines. I painted “Zuza” first, as shown below. The side of the stamp that you are painting on will be face down on the nail, so you can paint over some parts of the outline and it will still show on your nail (does this make sense?!?! I hope so!). Continue to paint until all of your areas are filled in.

Step three: wait!

This is usually the most difficult part for me. I get so excited that I can’t wait! I wait roughly 20 minutes before I transfer my design (we will get to that part). The nail polish on the stamp has to be completely dry before transfer or it will smear. :(

Step four: the transfer!

I usually use a white base on my nails so that the colors pop. I’m currently using OPI’s “Put A Coat On” white base coat. I love it because it dries quickly. It’s okay if the white is a bit streaky, your stamp will be covering it up.
Wait for your base coat to become nearly dry- it should still be a bit tacky, but not so tacky that you could leave your fingerprint in the polish.
Next, line up your image with where you want it to be on your nail. I hold my stamper facing upwards, and push my nail down onto it gently (that’s just what works for me- do what works best for you!). Because I have a squishy stamper, the image transfers very easily. After your image gets transferred, it should look something like this:

Step five: cleanup!

Once all of my decals have been transferred, I take a pair of cuticle nippers and clip off the excess. I use my E.L.F. concealer brush with some acetone to clean up any extra.
When you’re finished, use a quick dry top coat, moisturize, and you’re finished!!
Yay! Good for you! Now remember, keep practicing, don’t get discouraged, and flaunt those fab fingers!

How cute is Alison?  And isn't her advanced stamping so awesome?!  I need to practice my stamping more (and perhaps find my lost stamper...) so that I can attempt some advanced stamping nail art.  Thank you Alison for writing up this helpful tutorial.  I know it will help lots of gals out there!

Have you ever tried advanced stamping before?  What is your must have tip for getting the design right?  

Make sure to check back tomorrow for my last guest blogger: Jen from Aggies Do it Better!

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  1. Thank you for detailed step by step. Love both of your nails, @alygaterrr and Danelle!