Guest Blog by Alicia (TheBaseCoat)

Today's Guest Blog post comes from Alicia from TheBaseCoat.   Alicia and I share a love for craft beer and nail art! I guest blogged for her in July so it was only fitting that I ask her to return the favor.

Follow the jump to find out more from Alicia about her nail art!

"Hey everyone! I'm Alicia aka @thebasecoat. Danele asked me to do a short guest post for her while she is setting up her new home. I decided to do a pretty simple mani based on a cookbook because I know Danele hearts food (see what I did there). The base color is China Glaze Shower Together. The quatrefoil was done with Essie Borrowed and Blue, and the stripes were a bunch of mixed polishes over a white base. If you'd like to see a tutorial on how to do the quatrefoil method, you should check out @christabellnails profile! 
Thank you Danele for asking me to do a mani for you! I hope you have a successful move!"

So sweet!  My personal Instagram account is @daneleheartsfood - I post some food and a LOT of craft beer.  It was so creative of Alicia to do nail art inspired by a cookbook!  She also ROCKED that quatrefoil!  Thanks to Alicia for guest blogging for me while I settle into my new home! 

Alicia's Social Media
Blog: TheBaseCoat
IG: @thebasecoat
Twitter: @thebasecoat

Make sure to check back tomorrow for my next Guest Blogger: Marcella from @lovepurplepolish!

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