Christmas Watermarble

What's better than a watermarble....a Christmas watermarble!  All the fabulousness of a watermarble with a little bit of holiday spirit.  Glorious.

I submitted these to Nail It! Magazine for their Nov/Dec Holiday issue and they were chosen to be featured!  This is the third issue my nail art has been featured in and I am so excited/proud/humbled by this! (allthefeelz)

Follow the jump to see more pictures of these nails + some extra holiday bonus pictures!

I created this watermarble using Essie Snap Happy and Mojito Madness.  Watermarbling can be pretty tricky.  It has only worked well a handful of times for me.  A few tips: use a small container (I'm using a candle votive) and room temperature (leaning warm) water.  Some polishes just do not work for watermarbling.  It takes practice and lots of trial and error.  Don't give up!

I didn't take a picture, but I used a tooth pick to drag a design into the polish.  Once I was happy with the design, I dipped my finger into the polish.  I used painters tape around my nails for easier clean up.

This is what the final design looked like:

They aren't perfect, but looking back I am much happier with them now than when I did them back in August.  I also added gold dots thinking it would help hide the imperfections.  Here's how that turned out:

Yeah.  Not a fan.  Apparently the magazine wasn't either!  But hey, it was worth a shot!  I haven't attempted watermarbling since I did these but I think I'm ready to give it another shot.  

Besides all this nail stuff, we finally got our tree up and decorated this weekend.  We have had our outdoor lights up for a few weeks but it took us a few days to get our tree how we want it.  We took a few pictures this weekend for our Christmas cards:

We got a new snowflake "star" topper for the tree - it's so bright!

We love a good multicolored tree!  What does your tree look like?  Are you specific in the way you decorate it?  I want to hear all about it!

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  Did you see I'm having a Christmas Giveaway?!  Check out my last post for details!


  1. I like a very classic and maybe boring for some look, I stay with red and gold color for the ornaments and white for the light, but I'm sure my kids(4 and 5yrs old) would like a more colorful one.

  2. How fun! ❤️❤️❤️

    Love the tree..!!!