Seche Gracious & Kind Swatches

I recently stopped by ULTA to take a look at all the holiday and winter collections that are out when I stumbled upon a Seche display.  I was unaware that Seche started making colors! A few of them caught my eye so I decided to pick them up: Collected Moments and Sparkle, Clink, Kiss.  All swatches have 2 coats and Seche Quick Dry Top Coat.

First up: Collected Moments.  I would describe this as an antiqued silver, with hints of rose gold.  I thought it would be similar to Essie Beyond Cozy, but it's definitely warmer toned.

Seche: Collected Moments

Shaded, natural light

with flash

Shaded, Natural light

Seche: Sparkle, Clink, Kiss

Sparkle, Clink, Kiss is a gold shimmer with different sized hexagonal red glitters.  It was a little goopy to apply (as seen on my ring finger) and pretty sheer.  Even after 2 coats, it wasn't completely opaque.  It would probably work well layered over Collected Moments or possibly even a green during the holidays.  

with flash

shaded, natural light

in sunlight

shaded, natural light

Overall, I think Seche has some pretty interesting colors for their holiday collection.  They're definitely worth taking a look at!

Thanks for stopping by!

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