Formula X for Sephora Demolition Swatch and Review

Demolition by Formula X for Sephora is part of their Xplosives Top Coats Collection.   Demolition is described as "blue, turquoise, lime, and orange confetti"  which contains many different sized hexagons.  I think the orange looks more peachy-nude which is why I got it.  I love the mixture of colors.  It's very unique in that the glitters are matte and it reminds me of an indie glitter.

The formula is very similar to an indie glitter.  It is thick and I used a dabbling method to apply this glitter.  Swatches are 1 thick, dabbled coat over OPI Chillin Like a Villain.  Sometimes I dipped back in to get more of a certain glitter on the brush.

I guess I thought one picture was enough?? Yep, this is all I got.  Awesome.  I really do like how unique this is and I think it would look great over a variety of base colors.  I chose a nude base because I really wanted the green and blue to pop.  

Do you have any of the Xplosives Top Coats? Which ones are your favorite?

xoxo Danele

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